The Roving Artist

Whether you see this as entertainment or art, a silhouette artist is a very different kind of idea for your event.

For the un-initiated, silhouette cutting is an extraordinary miracle of hand-eye co-ordination that most people simply don't believe is possible.

The silhouettist chooses a subject, takes a pair of scissors, some black paper, and cuts them out! from any angle and at any size. It takes about 90 seconds (if that) and yes, it does look like them!

Those chosen (whether willing volunteers or press ganged by their friends) will receive a beautifully crafted cameo portrait of themselves, cut from black paper and professionally mounted onto a printed card as a souvenir of your day.

Silhouette artist

Name of contact
Charles Burns

PO Box 2041
Emmer Green

Telephone number
0118 947 6637

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Silhouette art