Second anniversary of same sex marriage

To celebrate the second anniversary of same sex marriage, the Tabor Group launches #LoveEquals campaign with Stonewall

Rebecca Root, Shape History and Stonewall are among the contributors to the new microsite supporting same-sex marriage and equality for LGBTQI+ individuals. It is designed to raise awareness of LGBTQI equality in the world.

The website will be here when it launches

The new website includes an interactive map detailing LGBTQI legislation in countries worldwide. It is hoped that this will alert people that we are still a long way from equality, while at the same time celebrating progress. There is also a timeline representing what's happened with regards to LGBTQI issues in the last 2 years.

The campaign is working with the UK's leading LGBTQI charity Stonewall allowing visitors to directly donate to the charity. They are encouraging everyone to use the hashtag #LoveEquals to show their appreciation.

The campaign is working alongside a group of very influential LGBTQI people including:

- Carrie J. Lyell: Assistant Editor of Diva Magazine

- Mike Buonaiuto: Director of Shape History

- Stephen Bowyer: Head of Pure FM's LGBT programme

- Rebecca Root: Voice coach and actress whose credits include The Danish Girl

and BBC's Boy Meets Girl.

Matt Horwood: Community Officer at Stonewall.

James Condley: Commercial Director at Gay Star News

Each of the participants will support the website through social media, as a means of championing same-sex marriage and other LGBTQI rights.

Matt Horwood, Stonewall Communications Officer, stated, 'We are seeing
positive change for lesbian, gay, bi and trans equality in certain corners of the world - Britain in particular has made enormous progress since Stonewall was established in 1989. However, this is not reflected across the world. In fact, it is illegal to be gay in 75 countries and punishable by death in ten.

'LGBT rights in some parts of the world are actually taking steps backward, and it's becoming harder for lesbian, gay, bi and trans people to be themselves than it was in previous years.'

'It's essential that LGBT role models and allies step up as visible advocates for

lesbian, gay, bi and trans equality, whether in politics, the media, law, sport or other walks of life.'