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A Peach of a Speech...

Make them laugh.
Make them cry.
Tell them stories they'll never forget.

We are here for one and all. Brides. Grooms. Best Women and Men. Mothers or Fathers and of The Brides and Grooms. Readers, Celebrants.

The WORDS: your raw material. Getting those right matters most.

HOW you deliver them - how words reach, touch - unite - your guests.

WE'LL HELP you find the words, tell your stories, deliver with confidence in body, voice - and timing.

You'll ENJOY THE WORDS you need to give the speech of your life!

"Rose Sawkins helped us enormously with our speeches;
over the course of several meetings she transformed
a daunting prospect into an enjoyable one.'

- Stephen & Christophe. London 2015

'A PEACH OF A SPEECH' was conceived last Winter when, after 10 years of my having trained and coached public speaking skills (for commercial, public and charity sectors in the main), some friends, a gay couple who were about to marry at long last, asked me if I might help them in the writing and delivery of their speeches . . . or, as it turned out, in one 'peach' of a joint speech!

The great adventure of co-creating this rich, most amusing - and moving - speech; the journey through these two men's lives, both as individuals and as a couple - not to mention as public speakers - was both welcome challenge and a treat. I got to see how much of a surprise, how much joy - and of course the tears - that the time and care invested in such a special offering brought to a wedding party. 'The boys' speech!' - this was a big talking point when the eating began.

Seeing the change in a person who wishes to enjoy, rather than fear, public speaking is something from which I derive genuine professional satisfaction. I seek to inspire in each client a desire to give life to both the composition and delivery of their speech (and/or reading) - and provide the tools to give each word depth, zest and real sparkle! Plus, of course, I want him or her to offer us great stories too!

To keep my own 'performance self' lively, I still also freelance as actor-reader in both commercial and therapeutic contexts (some of which is work in association with speech & language therapists). Since many people wish to overcome a huge and very common fear of speaking, including that of having to give a reading off-the-page at an event, and often also struggle even with the sound of their own voice, this work is a useful 'add-on' in a public speaking & speech writing coaching service.

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