How to announce your civil partnership

You may decide to announce your civil partnership in a national or local newspaper or in the Pink press. You can also announce it on your Facebook page or on Twitter. Contact us if you want to announce it on our website. We can create a page with three photos and your announcement for £25.

Many announcements are in the local paper. Sometimes parents take out the advertisement or it can be the happy couple. It usually states the couples' names, the date of the civil partnership and where it will take place. It may also state your parents' names and how long you have been together.

There are examples of civil partnership announcements here

John O'Connor, 33, and Mark Jones, 41, of Islington were the first same-sex couple to announce their engagement in the Times newspaper's forthcoming marriages column on 19 February 2005.

Mark, a psychiatrist, and John, a travel agent, met after a five-month relationship conducted online.

They said in The Times: "We have lived together for 17 months and John has loved me through the ups and downs of quite a serious illness."

The announcement in the Times read: "A period of engagement is announced between Mr John Christopher O'Connor and Dr Mark Brian Jones, both of Islington, north London.

"Following the enactment of the Civil Partnership' legislation, expected later this year, the couple will announce the time and location of both the civil union and subsequent church blessing ceremonies to interested parties."

Throwing an engagement party

You don't need to have a party but if you want to it can be quite informal at your local gay bar, at home or in the function room of a restaurant or hotel.

You can search for gay-friendly venues to hold your engagement party You can search for gay-friendly venues here.

It could be a good trial run to see who behaves badly! These kinds of parties are popular in the United States and are known as engagement showers - where you are often literally showered with presents.