Hiring a speech coach

After the exchange of vows, the speeches are another pivotal moment in a wedding. These unique public sharings add meaning, deepen emotion, and can allow for some welcome daftnes too!

Here are 3 good reasons to invest in speech coaching:

Save Precious Time & Energy

Working with a good-humoured, patient and encouraging speaking coach is a great source of moral support and fun. You will free-up energy that you may be spending on very human, though needless worries.

Keep Your Focus On The Meaning

This investment is rewarded with the creation of a priceless 'gift' to those celebrating your marriage. A great speech - sparkling content skilfully delivered - strengthens the bond between you, as the couple, between you and your friends and family - and serves as a reminder of what this day is really about.

Gain A Skill For Life

Speech coaching can profit you personally and professionally. You will gain a treasure chest of performance tips and techniques and practical, up-on-your-feet exercises. A coach can give you helpful demonstrations to improve your technique, which will be valuable on your wedding day and beyond.

See Physical Voice Peach of a Speech for more information.