Gift list for a gay marriage

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There are a range of options for your gift list, from the traditional department store to contributions towards your honeymoon and charity gift lists.

You can go down the traditional route of setting up a gift list with a department store, such as John Lewis, Harrods, Debenhams or even Argos. The shops offer a free gift list service and they all have online facilities to set up lists or you can go into the shops and set them up.

Department stores recommend setting up gift lists about ten weeks before the event so the product range is the same when your gifts are purchased. However, you can always add things to your list under their 'manage your list' options. Some of them, like John Lewis, operate the list six weeks before your wedding and two weeks after, so you need to check this with each store.

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They also offer the option of gift vouchers, so if you want more expensive items, people can contribute to them. Another way to deal with expensive items is to divide them up into £10 chunks so people buy contributions towards that flat screen TV or whatever budget busting items you've chosen.

Your guests can buy over the phone, online or in the shop but they will sometimes need a code or password to access your gift list. They can tell the gift list department their price range and they will be told what is available, so they can make a selection. It's also important that guests let the gift list department of a store know if they buy something in the shop, so it's deleted from the list.

Most stores will deliver all the presents free of charge but make sure you arrange a date when you are back from your honeymoon. Usually, deliveries are collated three weeks after your wedding because they may have to order some items if they are out of stock. They will also wait until the list closes to order all items within a range to avoid slight variations in fabrics or tones of pottery, for example.

Some shops also offer you a gift voucher for setting up your gift list and others will add a percentage if your gifts are over a certain amount, for example, some will add 3 per cent if your gifts come to more than £1,000 in total.

Specialist wedding gift lists

You can also create wedding gift lists with companies that specialise in this area. They offer a wide range of gifts from different suppliers including designer ranges.

Alternative lists

There is a growing number of alternative gift lists. For example, The Bottom Drawer, which will host lists for people who want a garden makeover, new kitchen or hot tub in the bathroom.

Honeymoon lists


Another good alternative for the couple who has everything is a gift list for your honeymoon. You can draw up a gift list detailing costs of your honeymoon that people can contribute to, for example, a night at a hotel, entry to a museum, dinner overlooking the sea or a helicopter ride.

Charity lists

Another option is to have a gift list with donations to charity. The obvious choice for a civil partnership is Stonewall. You can set up an account with them and the charity gives you a reference number to pass on to your guests.

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Top tips

Some department stores will print inserts for your invitations.

You can usually view the progress of your list online.

Check the store's returns policy.

Find out what happens if your guests don't contribute enough for an item on your list.

Check what happens if your wedding is cancelled or postponed.

Choose a range of items from the frivolous to the practical and at different prices.

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