Gay wedding venues and services

This is what some of our advertisers say about the importance of being gay-friendly

This legislation is important - it should finally give gay people the justice they any other human being on this planet.

As a person responsible for making our venue successful, it makes very good business sense to offer our services to a wider market.

We will continue to market our business in our usual way, however the wording in our brochures and our photographs will now be changed so that gay weddings are as equally advertised as any other wedding. Equality is our main focus.

David Burns, General Manager
Host Contract Management, Arundel House, London

I have arranged civil blessings for same sex couples before so it's not such a big deal in that respect.

To be totally honest it is not an issue whether the marriage is between a straight or gay couple. I feel though it depends on what reception any couple receive by a venue, if anyone received a bad reception or felt uncomfortable, gay or straight, they would walk !!

Personally speaking every wedding is unique and every couple is seen as an individual. It makes no odds to me who is getting married, everyone is treated the same.

Heck I can't see what all the fuss is about really !!!! Come on everyone, live with the times, its not taboo anymore.!! It may be my modern way of thinking, it maybe that I have gay friends but it really does not matter.......a customer is a customer....

Kevin Elliott, Deputy General Manager, The Birch Hotel

The Wedding Team at Chippenham Lodge Estate strongly believes that gay couples should be allowed to celebrate their love for each other in exactly the same way as straight couples. Chippenham Lodge Estate is the ideal setting for the all important ceremony and our friendly, caring staff will ensure that every couple's special day will provide a lifetime of happy memories.

Linda Prior, General Manager, Chippenham Lodge Estate

We regard the gay market in the same way as we do any other section of our customer base and will treat everyone with the same respect and give good service. We expect our gay customers to react to us in the same way as any other section of our varied customer base.

Ros Thompson, Co-ordinator, Dornoch Castle

I think it's important that same sex relationships are given the same respect as any other. Back in the 70s my English Mum married my Italian Dad and they experienced much resistance from the local community. Nowadays people don't think twice about inter-cultural marriages and I see this recent law change as a very positive step, finally gay couples can celebrate their relationship in the same way as others have for years.

Iolanda Hudson, Event Organiser

Here at the Royal Albion we feel that the main business benefits of civil partnership ceremonies are:

It offers us a diversification of business.
We are maintaining the employment of local people.
We are opening ourselves - as the largest, nearest hotel to the 'Gay Village'- to a larger market.

Nikki Mitchell, Sales & Revenue Manager, Royal Albion Hotel, Manchester

This is very much a hot topic at the moment, but I believe strongly that their should be no boundaries as far as love and commitment goes, whether they are gay or not, is not important, what is important is that a couple loves and respects each other strongly enough to commit to marriage and we should embrace this.

I would be delighted and excited to cover a gay wedding and feel sure this would be portrayed in the photographs I take.

Mike Fynes, Suffolk photographer

I believe same sex couples should be afforded the same human and legal rights to express their commitment to each other ...........

Lynn Marsh-Jones, Sales & Marketing Manager, Ponsbourne Park

We are welcoming gay marriages at our venue as we would do not distinquish between our customers and feel we have a lovely relaxed setting in which we can offer everything a couple require to make their day special.

Kim, Shrubbery Hotel

The Royal College of Physicians is very proud of its historic functions rooms in the heart of the City of Edinburgh and prides itself on its warm and friendly welcome. We are delighted to extend this welcome to gay couples and to have to opportunity to be part of their special celebrations.

Danielle Ellis, Marketing Coordinator
Royal College of Physicians, Edinburgh

I believe that everyone should get their day to show their commitment and love for one another. Whether you are the traditional couple or not. Everyone should get the opportunity.

We know that people want to publicly show they are dedicated to their chosen partner and this is now possible for everyone.

Love knows no bounds and it was only people's adherence to tradition and the way things were that has stopped some couples from being able to openly show this. Now legislation has changed so that gay couples no longer are ignored and can now plan their futures as any traditional couple.

I hope to have lots of couples share their special day at Sopley Mill where we will of course give them all the time and attention to detail that we show to all our couples.

Helen Smalley, Sopley Mill

Here at Springfield House we are really excited about the new change in legislation with regard to civil ceremonies and therefore the allowing of Gay Weddings. We are only too delighted to help anyone in realising their dream of a perfect day.

Sara Coverley - Proprietor, Springfield House

We believe that gay people want to prove their commitment to their partner's long term, why shouldn't they have the same opportunity as straight couples? At our Hotel we are known for our professional and friendly approach to weddings and we can offer this service to gay couples as well.

I think this legislation is important as gay couples should have the same rights as other couples, especially if they are prepared to commit to their partners long-term.

Jackie Hughes, Senior Manager, St Mary's

The current legislation, which recognises same sex marriages has opened up a large business opportunity, which the Angel is very interested in attracting. Our facilities are ideal for any kind of marriage celebration - we serve great food, have fabulous accommodation and a selection of seven beautiful rooms for large or small parties. We work with the couple's needs and desires to make sure we deliver exactly what
they want.

Our business is to ensure we offer excellent service and give guests a fantastic experience. We're not here to judge or discriminate.

Paul McNicoll, Revenue Manager, The Angel Hotel Cardiff

I understand why gay couples want civil recognition as my daughter is gay and has been with her partner for 15 years. I know they intend to have a civil ceremony sometime in the future.

While there are the obvious financial benefits, inheritance, pensions etc., I know that more importantly, they wish to show their committment to each other.

Richard Mathews, Toastmaster