Gay Wedding Products

This page features a range of products that may be useful for your gay wedding - including decorations and wedding favours.

There are also ideas for wedding presents. From original art work to hand-painted photo frames with the words civil partnership across the top to "his and his" or "hers and hers" champagne flutes.

You can also look at our Gift list services section for more ideas.

You can also visit our Amazon store, where we have selected a wide range of civil partnership wedding gifts, as well as books, software and music to help you plan your civil partnership.

For all your wedding party decorations

How about some personalised love hearts with your names and the date of your ceremony?

You can also put them in a favours box

Going to a Civil Partnership? Need some ideas for presents? Look below for some links to unusual gifts

An ideal present - hand-painted photo frames with the words civil partnership across the top and decorated with top hats

Hand-painted "hers and hers" or "his and his" champagne glasses decorated with bows and signed by the artist

Buy your friends an original piece of art as a wedding gift

Or a pewter sculpture of two men or two women, click on the links below to see photos



What about a plate that all the guests or close friends and family can sign, using a special pen and then 24 hours later, bake in the oven, as a permanent souvenir of the special day

Here, you'll find a wide range of books, perfect for the happy couple's honeymoon